Nums: Ultra-thin Smart Device to Transform Laptop Trackpads

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Nums: Ultra-thin Smart Device to Transform Laptop Trackpads
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Is your trackpad only a replacement for your mouse? It can do so much more. Upgrade your MacBook trackpads with Nums™ to transform your trackpad.

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$65,634.95 / 1,176 backers
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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Holidays, Awards & More FAQs
8 days ago – Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 03:37:22 PM

Hi everyone, 

Hope that all is well! 

Last week was our National Day (similar to July 4th in the U.S.) and Mid-autumn Festival (similar to Thanksgiving in the U.S.). The National Day is an 8-day national holiday. Our 5-people team finally got a chance to take some time off and spent some time with our families, after a long-time of powering through the production process. Thank you all for your understanding! We are now back with many exciting news!! 


The Good Design Award

First of all, we are excited to share that Nums™ won another prestigious International Design Award, Japan's Good Design Award. The well-known "G-Mark" Award. Here is the link to our official page on the Good Design page: 

Nums was awarded the Good Design Award 2017 for its design and innovation.
Nums was awarded the Good Design Award 2017 for its design and innovation.

We are extremely honored and would like to thank everyone who supported us along the way. We are a growing team, far from perfection on many aspects. Thank you all very much again for all your support and for your patience with us, as we figure out our way through this amazing journey. We can't do this without all of you. 

We also want to share with you all the award evaluation / comments from the judges, which precisely described the purpose of our effort, transforming the trackpads and the way people interact with their laptops. 

"A project that understands and optimizes the common drawback of laptop keyboards of the inconvenience and inefficiencies of as a result of the undesirable locations of the number keys. It smartly identifies a space that has been fully utilized, that of the trackpad. A perfect example of a small in area but grand in innovation that revolutionize the way people might use the laptops. The execution using highly sophisticated glass with ultra-thin thickness is equally impressive. One could obviously see the high potentials of a modular approach to expand the possibilities."


Status Recap (Please read if you haven't received the product or tracking number)

We realized that there are some confusions from our previous post about the shipping. We would like to share a recap of the progress in case some backers haven't got a chance to review our previous updates. 

To recap, our packaging factory missed an important design and caused potential risk of breaking the glass when opening up the package. We sent out a survey last month to see if you were okay with the current packing or were willing to wait. More than half of you chose to wait. We shipped the products to backers who were fine with the original packing and the rest of the products were sent back to the factory for repackaging. The repackaging process is going very well and we estimate to ship the re-packaged products in the week of 10-22-2017. We replied to many of you who checked in with us about not receiving a tracking number and found out that many of you chose to wait but were under the impression that all products have been shipped. We apologize for the confusions caused by our last post.  

If you have selected our Stretch Goal Rewards and Surprise Rewards (Macbook Air 11', any Surface products,  any Nums product in Gold), we are on time and are in the final stage of the production process for these products. Since these rewards were activated at the last two days of our campaign, we had to wait till we had the final order numbers to send to our factory. The estimated shipping time for these products is in 3 weeks, approximately at the end of this month. 

Hope that the recap helps answer many of your questions and concerns. Thank you again for your continuous support and understanding. We really appreciate it. 


Additional FAQ's

Q: I installed the app but it's in Chinese, what should I do?

A: We realized that our programmer coded auto-language detection for English and Chinese, but not for other languages... We apologize for the inconvenience. Really sorry about this.  

In the meantime, there's a temporary fix. There are 2 extra steps:  

1. Open "System Preferences"; in "Language and Region" change your Mac's language to "English". Once the system language is in English, please open Nums app to confirm the app language has changed to English  

2. Open "System Preference" again and change the system language back to your original language

We apologize again for the inconvenience. Our programmers are working on fix this to include auto-detection for more languages. It will be pushed out in our next update.


Q: I tried my activation code, but it was shown as 'invalid', what should I do?

A: The activation codes are case sensitive. We helped a couple of backers double check the activation codes and realized that it wasn't clear in our directions that these letters are case sensitive. If you tried case sensitive and it still doesn't work, please feel free to email us at or message us via our Facebook page (@luckeynums), with a photo of the activation code. We will help confirm or send you a new one. 


Q: I was contacted for additional charge by our custom, what should I do? 

A: It was to our surprise that these cases are not consistent across countries. Not all of our backers from the same country got contacted for custom charge. We are in communication with EMS about this. Please reach out to us via email ( or Facebook message (@luckeynums) about this if this happened to you. We provided free shipping and were informed that there will not be additional custom charge by our logistic vendor; we will try our best to compensate. 


We will continue our weekly update after the national holiday. We have received many good feedback about the product, as well as many constructive suggestions. Your feedback are extremely helpful to us. We are really grateful to have your continuous understanding and support. THANK YOU!! 

Again, please feel free to reach out via Kickstarter message, email ( or Facebook message if you have any question or suggestions in the meantime. 

Many thanks again,

Team Nums

Response to frequently asked questions & We were featured on AMC!
23 days ago – Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 01:09:03 AM

Hi everyone, 

For this week's update, we would like to share our responses to some of the frequently asked questions, in case it's helpful for other backers. These questions will cover shipping, product, and software. 

We are also excited to share that Nums were featured on NewsWatch on AMC today (9-25) at 7:00 am EST. NewsWatch is a U.S. TV program featuring the latest technology and consumer news update. We are excited to be featured and will share the news segment in our next week's update. 



Q: I haven't received my tracking number. When will I receive my product?

A: A couple of you have noted that you haven't received the tracking numbers. It's likely that the emails went to Spam, as we sent them via the BackerKit system. We are in the process of responding those who sent us a message or commented about the tracking numbers. It usually takes EMS about 7-10 days to deliver internationally, depending on the destination country. By the end of this week, majority of the products should be delivered. 

We will send the tracking numbers again this week just in case. In the meantime, you could also log into your BackerKit account or follow the link you used to complete the shipping address. Your tracking numbers are already updated and should appear in your BackerKit account. 


Q: Could I take Nums off and re-apply it on other computers? 

A: Yes, you could. Nums could be re-applied onto other computers. Just gently take it off your trackpad, clean your trackpad, and then apply it to the other computer. Nums will not leave any residual on your trackpad. If there's some dust left on the sticky side of the glass while you take it off your trackpad, no problem at all, just use small amount of water to quickly and gently wash the glass. DON'T use anything to wipe it. Wait till it's dry and try again.

In terms of software, when you change computers, just de-activate the original software from your old computer and enter the activation code on your new computer. It's that easy!


Q: Where can I download the software?

A: You could download the software at We updated our website last week. A couple of you checked our website during our updating process and had to download the drive from We apologize for the inconvenience. Our new site is now live! While we are still working on some final touches, the drive could be downloaded by clicking the button at the upper-right corner of the site.

Q: The Instructions pages for the app are not clear. How could I set up my Swift Launch? 

A: We received a couple of comments about how to set up Swift Launch. Although the instruction pages are in two languages, we received feedback that the English instructions could be more detailed and clearer. We have shared this information with our product team and a new version of the instructions will be pushed out soon. 

In the meantime, we are creating a screen-recording video to help illustrate. If you'd like to add an app to the Swift Launch, swipe from the lower left corner to open the setup window, drag the app from your Finder to one of the empty boxes in the setup window, rename the key if you like, then you are done! To activate the Swift Launch, just swipe inward from the middle left of your trackpad, your swift launch window will appear on your screen, continue moving your finger to the corresponding box for the app or folder to open it. 


Thank you all for providing these helpful feedback and suggestions. We encourage all of you to share your suggestions with us via messenger on Facebook, or via email, or comment on our Kickstarter page. We will also continue sharing our responses to questions or suggestions that are frequently mentioned. 

As always, please feel free to reach out via email or on Facebook if you have any questions. We are in the process of responding to all questions and emails on all of the platforms. If we haven't responded to you yet, please rest assure that we will respond as soon as we could. Thank you so much again for your understanding. 

Many thanks again for everything! Team Nums is really grateful. 


Team Nums

All Current Packaging Shipped. Tracking Numbers to Come. Repackaging in Progress.
about 1 month ago – Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 11:00:26 PM

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much again for your support and understanding. As promised, we will share updates on a weekly basis to continue report on progress. We have good news for this week's update :) 

All Current Packaging Shipped.

We received in total 600 responses till 9/11 when we closed the survey. Thank you all so much for your collaboration. Majority of you (57%) confirmed that you are willing to wait a bit longer for the designed experience. 253 (43%) of you confirmed that you are okay with the current packaging. Whether you chose to wait or to get the current packaging, we truly appreciate your support and understanding. We are very grateful. Thank you again! 

We are excited to share with you that yesterday we completed shipping for all of you who confirmed for the current packaging. Below we summarized a couple of important notes for you. 

  • Which company did you use for delivery? EMS. This is the best option considering that all packages are shipped internationally. UPS or FedEx is quite costly for some of the countries and won't provide a faster service. Please note that EMS does have partnerships with local delivery companies. For example, EMS partners with USPS in the U.S. for package delivery. It usually works with the local post office. 
  • How long will it take to arrive? It usually takes about 7-15 days, depending on where you live. Some countries will take longer than the other. It usually takes about 7-10 days to deliver to North America and Europe. The time will be shorter for Asian countries like Japan and Korea. 
  • Will I get a tracking number? Yes, we will send out the tracking number to you individually in the next couple of days. 
  • Will I receive all my products? This round of production includes all of our regular Kickstarter rewards, but does NOT include stretch goal or surprise rewards (Nums GOLD, MacBook Air 11', or any Surface products). Since we opened up these rewards in the last couple of days of our campaign, we had to wait till we had the final numbers to send the order to the factory. The production process is in progress and these products will arrive in October as listed on our campaign page. Therefore, about 10 of you will receive 2 packages, one for regular Kickstarter rewards (shipped) and the other for the stretch goal or surprise goal rewards (arriving in October). We will contact these backers separately as well. 
All shipped on Friday for those of you confirmed for the current packaging.
All shipped on Friday for those of you confirmed for the current packaging.


Packages before we put in the shipping bags.
Packages before we put in the shipping bags.


Repackaging in Progress.

We also want to share an update for the rest of the products. The repackaging process has already started and so far so good. It doesn't seem like that we will have to contact the factory for re-production, but we will certainly keep you posted if anything changes. Thank you so much again for your understanding. We are extremely grateful. 


Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to answer all your concerns. 

We also have good news for the reward we mentioned a couple of updates ago. Stay tuned!! :) 

Many many thanks again! 

Team Nums

[Important] Current Options Update (Unbox Video Guide Included)
about 1 month ago – Tue, Sep 05, 2017 at 01:46:52 AM

Hi everyone, 

THANK YOU SO MUCH again for your support and understanding! Since our last update, many of you replied and showed your understanding about the packaging issue. Some of you also left very kind notes for us. Team Nums is extremely grateful. We are motivated than ever to continue giving our 200% to provide the best experience possible. Thank you again!! 


Two Options

As some of you prefer the re-packaged products and some of you are okay with the current package, we decided to keep both options open. Please take this 30s survey to confirm your option:

  • If you decide to have the current package, knowing that it missed an important design and might break the glass, we will ship your product ASAP before 9/15/2017. If (knock on the wood) the glass is broken during the unbox process, we will take care of the replacement (but might not be able to cover the international shipping due to the loss from the current situation).
  • If you prefer the re-packaged products and you are okay with waiting for a bit longer to get the designed experience, we will continue to update you weekly on our process and will ship as soon as the products are ready. We currently estimate that there will be a 50-day delay. Please note that this is a very conservative estimation and it's very likely that the delay will be shorter than 50 days.

Since we need to share with the packaging factory the total number of products that need to be unpacked and re-packaged, we would like to kindly ask you to confirm your shipping option by Friday 9/8/2017.

If you have already left a comment on our last update/project page, or messaged / emailed us about your preference, please feel free to skip the survey. We confirm that we have noted all responses so far from the comments, messages and emails. We are in the process to respond you individually to confirm. 


Unbox Video Guide

As promised, we also figured out a temporary solution to open the current package. The below video is a step-by-step guide to safely open the current package. Please be careful about your fingers when you follow the steps to open the package. 


Please feel free to contact us via the below channels if you have any questions . We are happy to answer all your concerns. 

  • Phone (U.S.): +1-917-725-3134 
  • Email: 
  • Skype: 
  • Facebook: @luckeynums


Many many thanks for your support and understanding. Thank you very much!! We look forward to your confirmations. 


Team Nums

(Video Music:

[Important] Updated Timelines & Detailed Information About the Progress
about 2 months ago – Sun, Sep 03, 2017 at 01:47:55 AM

Hi everyone, 

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience and understanding. We apologize for the delay in our updates. The past two weeks we have been on roller coasters and have been all hands on our fulfillment process... We understand there's no better way than being transparent, which is our promise to you. From now on, we will post updates on a minimum weekly basis to all of you about our fulfillment process. 

State of the Situation:

  • All productions are completed (all 1200 Kickstarter products)
All Nums productions are completed three weeks ago (same photo used for the last update)
All Nums productions are completed three weeks ago (same photo used for the last update)
  • Our original packaging factory went away... Long story short, we were referred to them by one of our potential future distributors and as the deal with the distributor didn't go through, this packaging factory went away at the same time...
  • We found a new packaging factory within a few days. Within 2 weeks, the new packaging factory packed and wrapped all products (see below). We were ready to ship last week, until we quality-checked a sample of products two days ago. We found out that the packaging factory missed an important design that essentially makes it easy to open the box and protects the glass, which they promised to add after our review of their samples. The current package doesn't have the pre-cut and pre-folded line to assist unboxing, which could result in breaking the glass during the unbox process.  
Originally packaged, ready-to-ship, products.
Originally packaged, ready-to-ship, products.


How the current packages are different from the original design.
How the current packages are different from the original design.


The prints on the current packages don't meet our standards either.
The prints on the current packages don't meet our standards either.
  • Unboxing is an important part of the user experience. We understand how exciting it is to unbox a new product that everyone has waited for. We have been holding a product standard that is higher than the industry norm. We are determined to deliver the best user experience when you receive the products. We have forced the packaging factory to unpack all products, reproduce all the packages and re-pack them for shipping. 

This process however will cause an estimated delay of 50 days in our fulfillment process. 

Here is how we estimated the 50-day delay. We also learned an important lesson to budget more time for unexpected situations. It might not take 50 days, but we want to be safe this time. 

  • Factory workers are taking shifts to unpack all 1200 of packages to take the glass products out (3 days)
  • The packaging factory is working on re-producing sample packages for us to review and approve (7 days in total, shipping samples will take a couple of days) 
  • Our glass products might be broken during the unpacking process. If the percentage of products broken is too high, we will have to engage with our production factory to reproduce products (10-15 days) 
  • All re-packaged products will be shipped to Beijing to prepare for shipping via EMS (4 days) 
  • Our team will print out the shipping labels and ship the 1200 products by ourselves via EMS (3 days)
  • Shipping internationally to all of you around the world (5-10 days) 
  • Unexpected situation process, if it happens (8 days)


Our Solutions

  • The reviewing process has started and we will make sure to continue quality check during and after the packaging productions to make sure there's no further delay
  • We will keep you posted on a minimum weekly basis in terms of our progress
  • We are working on a temporary solution, so those of you who need the products soon and who are fine with the current packaging could receive the products as soon as possible. This update will come on Monday EST, the latest. It might include an option to ship for those of you who are okay with the current packaging. Please comment on this update if you feel okay with the current packaging. 

In the meantime, we have opened up a U.S. phone line to help answer all questions. If you are outside of the U.S., please feel free to contact us via Skype or Facebook. We are happy to answer all questions you have:

  • Phone: +1-917-725-3134
  • Email:
  • Skype:
  • Facebook: @luckeynums


Our Apologies

We are truly sorry about the delay in the process. Nothing feels worse than not being able to deliver our promise to you, which was to ship in August. We did learn so much during this whole process. We can't thank you enough for your patience and understanding. You have witnessed a small team of a couple of Millennials grow stronger and tougher. 

We have been responding to the private messages, but for some reason we didn't get notifications for all the comments posted on our page. We sincerely apologize for the delay in our reply to the people who commented on our page. We are sorry again about the delay. We will be reaching out individually via DM or phone to make sure we address all your concerns.


THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN FOR BELIEVING IN US!!! We have a dream to transform the laptop and trackpad world. We are determined and focused. We are getting stronger and stronger.



Many many many thanks again for your patience and understanding.

Sorry again,
Team Nums

P.S. We were on AMC on 8/21 not sure if any one of you caught it. We were featured in the program NEWSWATCH on AMC. We will be in the show again on 9/25. Stay tuned!!